Our Story

It all started in the kitchen of two dating fitness fanatics, Eric and Isabel. Isabel was a kindergarten teacher and Eric was a sales manager for a milk company. Like most Americans, they struggled with working long hours and eating healthy throughout the day. The one thing that the couple never missed was their daily workout together. On top of that, they always took pictures of their meals at work and held each other accountable to a strict diet regimen.

They quickly found the challenge of sticking to their diet because of immediate cravings. They did not want to let each other down, and that was their motivation to never "cheat". One day, as Isabel was packing Eric's lunchbox, she found a nice and shiny candy bar wrapper! WHAT??!! He had cheated! But she figured that was a good time to confess her cookie encounters at work in the break room. At this point, the couple knew there had to be a way to get over living double lives and they got to work.

They spent a little over a year developing their own functional foods that they would bring to work. They found the solution that would end the cheating! After many purchase requests from co workers and friends, the couple decided to launch Bite Fuel. They both quit their day jobs and worked endless hours side by side to build the company. Eventually they married, and today they are working hard to bring you functional foods that give back to your body.


We promise to continue our mission of creating functional tasty foods for the world to enjoy.

                                                                                                   - Eric and Isabel