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  • Lean Plant Protein Fuel

    For A Leaner, Stronger, Healthier You

  • WHOOSH Fiber Gummy Bites

    Whoosh Away Bloating & Tummy Troubles

Revitalize, Refresh, Recharge.

  • Nutrition Confession: 5 Food Myths We've All Fallen For

    Ready for a shock? We're busting the top 5 food fibs we've all been tricked into believing - get ready for a tasty truth bomb!

  • Crack the Code of the Perfect Morning Routine: Secret Energy Boosters Revealed

    Dive into a world of morning magic as we reveal secret energy boosters that will transform your dawn into a high-powered launchpad for the day!


Are all Bite Fuel products keto-friendly?

Though our products contain less sugar than similar products, they are not specifically made for keto or low carb. If you are looking for keto-friendly snacks, the net carbs on various products like our shakes, greens, and gummies may fit your macro requirements.

Are Bite Fuel products all vegan/dairy free?

We are committed to offering products that are not made with animal-based ingredients or materials. Most of our recipes use only plant-based ingredients.

The exception to this is our Whey based protein shakes that use grass-fed, hormone-free dairy as a base ingredient.

What is your return policy?

We love making mouth-watering snacks and supplements that not taste amazing but also make you feel amazing as well! If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please email us directly at within 60 days of your purchase and allow our amazing customer support team make it right for you. Please note this is only valid for purchases made on